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Buying Your First DSLR Camera?

Buying Your First DSLR Camera?

Passion would be a more suitable term to explain what Photography is for you, basically. Photography is not and never will be your “business” because what we believe is once you leap into it you spend most of your earnings on cameras, lenses and other photography equipment’s. Apparently, you find cameras everywhere in your daily life; for example in your mobile phones, iPads, tablets etc. and this trend are now common. People are taking pictures in different ways and sharing them socially. Majority use their cameras even mobile cameras with less and minimum awareness, they’re capturing just for hash tagging places. You need to know everything, before buying your first camera. And it’s really hard to decide what to do, especially when you are stepping ahead for a better move.

You are in a learning stage and a camera will accolade your desire very well. If you want to work professionally as a Photographer then you should go for this, but do improve your skills as much as you can for example; your style, your composition, your details of capturing etc. You are not looking for an out-standing, high quality, expensive and full-featured monster. All you ne ed is an ideal equipment in an affordable and reasonable price just for the start, and if you can afford it then go for the best.

Undoubtedly, you are the beginner so you won’t be having any idea about the brands in market.


The two major brands that are competing each other in market are Nikon and Canon when you will read articles, blogs and details about this; it will be more complicated for you to decide.

Purchase a reasonable body of DSLR and lens, consider it your long-term investment and learn as much as you can because that’s the only thing you can do for your improvement at the very initial stage. No one will ask about the camera brand it will forever depend on your work, your art, your skill, you techniques and the difference that you will make from others. So, being a brand conscious is pointless, it’s all on you.

We will try our best to provide you all the basic guidelines including accessible and high quality DSLR’s, lenses and primary equipment’s and also about the features and models in our next blog, to put you at ease.

Till then, have a bit of idea about the prices by doing market surveys. Visit all the near camera stores to know more about cameras. Blog readings and online surveys are not enough to buy something huge, because you are always one decision away from a totally different life.

All we can do is to guide you the right way; it will be your choice at the end. Once you’ll start over with this, your ideas and thought will be much clearer than ever. It’s important to learn and gain experience because that’s the best guide for you.

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Why Choose Singapore to Live

Why Choose Singapore to Live

You might have heard from your friends, or as you searched the internet, that Singapore is widely known to be having only “First World Problems.” Indeed, all that is true. To top it all, Singapore is among the very few nations with the most reliable and efficient transport systems, and though it may be a little expensive to live in, in the end, you are spoiled so much by the benefits you only can enjoy living in this nation.

To mention but a few:

Singapore has one of the fairest climates in the world

Every time is summer time here. You will not need to carry heavy coats and boots when coming to Singapore—it is hot and humid, but it rains all year long. So, you will always need to carry your brolly with you no matter how bright a day may seem.

Strategic location

Singapore is positioned as a small island country with excellent harbors and a favorable climate have turned Singapore into one of the most prominent trading centers in the world and the platform on which most global firms want to grow their businesses.

Take a tour around Singapore’s top sites

The three top attraction sites include Sentosa, the Universal Studios amusement park, and the Singapore Flyer—a 165m-tall public observation wheel. You can also choose to have a night out at the Night Safari to study the life of nocturnal animals.

Security in Singapore is assured

The government’s high level of control of social and public amenities directly translates to the easy-going lifestyle of Singaporeans. You will also hardly hear of police patrols in Singapore, but with the decent network of surveillance cameras, security is high. The crime rate is also at a minimal low, banking on strict court rulings and the fear to face extremely harsh punishments.

The education system is so on point

Wait, who in this age loves going to school? Well, Singaporean kids do, and they score high grades. Additionally, you will have several options to choose from irrespective of whether you want to enroll your children in private international schools or a local public school. Your kids will also have the opportunity of learning a foreign language of their choice.

There are many housing options, too

If you love living “vertically” then Singapore will make a unique destination area, with much of the housing here coming in the form of high-rise apartments. However, if you are among the few that don’t like taking lifts to their apartments, the experience of living in Singapore’s modern gated communities is one you never want to miss—enjoying high-class function rooms, gyms, swimming pools and playgrounds.

You will never feel alone visiting or residing in Singapore as it may be the case with other nations. Singapore is home to many people with different social and cultural backgrounds such that you can even make a friend while shopping or taking your evening walk. Most of the people living here, especially those of an older generation, are also easy to engage in a conversation.

…and when anyone greets you, “Have you eaten?” Smile back with a nod and say, you have just had Hainanese chicken rice.