Which Type of Photographer Are You?

Which Type of Photographer Are You?

It’s mostly said in our field that “What kind of a Photographer are you?” you might be mysterious about your photography, but you’re not sure even if you should really fall into it or not. In that case, we confuse ourselves as well as other people. For example “Hi, my name is Adam and I am a Cuban American editorial, catalog, and advertising photographer who shoots food, still life, portraits, interiors, lifestyle, and documentary work. Oh, and I do video also. Oh, and I’m really good at building things too”

So… What do you do?

This blog will help you to know about your hold, your status and your ‘’type’’ related to your field that is Photography, you’ll likely be even more choosy and will be inspired by this medium, and be thrilling to get out, shoot and explore it.

There are so many types of Photography but we will explain some of the important types in this blog just to guide you on your right path.

Below is a list of different photography types:

  • Landscape photography
  • Wild life photography
  • Sports photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Wedding photography


Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is scenery, any kind of wide view, land or sea. Typically capture the existence of nature in a different and beautiful way; it will depend on your skill. The primary subject is the scenery although the picture may contain other secondary elements such as people, animals or objects that are not truly part of the scenery but it’s your job to fix them in it.



Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography is basically one of the most tough and challenging type/form of Photography. Capturing animals, insects, birds etc. It’s technical but full of interest, more slightly candid shots. Again that will be your art to maintain all these principles in one frame.



Sports Photography

Sports Photography it requires professionalism, usually work for newspapers, some major agencies or magazines related to sports. Candid shots taken by freezing them but professional, while playing football, cricket match, hockey or any other sport. Demands much experience and practice.



Portraits Photography

Portrait Photography is simple but can be captured in a unique possible way with effective lighting, different angles and composition and also containing much more details in a Portrait. A type of photography based on a person or more than one or two, that captures the personality of a subject.

Portrait Photography


Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography is capturing the most worthy moments and all those activities that relates to wedding, including Portrait Displays of Couple, landscapes of whole family, announcements, invitation cards, thank-you cards etc. A tough job to cover almost all the types of photography in one event. It’s the major branch of “Commercial Photography”. It tests your mental skills as well because you have to guide people a lot during shoot.




When we started learning photography, we thought we can accomplish any type of it, but obviously we were wrong. Because it’s a vast field and you just cannot get a lot of things in one plate at a time. You can learn it time by time, because it’s not about perfect but it’s about effort and when you bring that effort every single day that’s how change occurs.

Majority prefers to work in one or more than one genre/types, the reason is that they can’t bound their selves in one single box, it’s somehow beneficial but having some drawbacks as well.
Beneficial because mostly your clients demand you to work in two or more genres at one time, clearly it leads to high salaries and also enormous experience of dealing and managing multiwork in one time.
Chances of Drawbacks because in that case you’re client will judge you, they will be having doubts about your expertise and skills because you cannot express yourself in a better way about your exact field, and this will lead to confusion.
We are not bounding you to be selective; here we are talking about your priorities. Rather than mixing two goals and facing poor consequences, create a better portfolio relating to a specific target/aim for your future and also for a Professional life. If you are passionate about something, than make it happens with your own struggle and hard work, because then you’re more willing to take risks in your life.
Always remember one thing,
“A Photographer with a good eye can make better photographs with a phone than an untrained person having the best camera in the world.”

At this point, we’ve come to know that it’s a long lasting road ahead and we still have so much more to learn, to explore. We try our best to bring our passion to every photo, no matter what the genre is, with end goal of making the Best we can. Don’t forget to prepare yourself for the market.

In the end, it’s always you, your life, your choices and your aims. Because if it’s what you want, it’s worth it all. Give yourself first priority and do what’s best for you.

If someone asked you today to describe what kind of photographer you are, you should say “Hi, my name is Adam; I’m a passionate commercial photographer who shoots ads and editorial stories for some awesome clients who are kind enough to hire me.”

So, what kind of photographer are you?

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